How to Upgrade Ferrari Performance Using Ferrari California ECU Tune

Ferrari California ECU Tune

Ferrari California ECU Tune

If you own a Ferrari, you have something special, and you know it. You probably know a lot about the performance parameters that define what it can do, and there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to get the most out of your Ferrari.

Rest assured, there are plenty of ways to do that, but most owners wouldn’t put software at the top of their list of ways to improve performance.  That is until they will find out about our Ferrari California ECU Tune.

The Ferrari California performance upgrades are revolutionary, and this product can help you take your Ferrari’s responsiveness to a new level. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how it works and some of the specific improvements they can get from the remarkable technology that defines the product.

Car Tuning and the Ferrari: What’s Possible

Let’s go through some of the basic performance benefits you can get from using our Ferrari California ECU Tune.

It’s not hard to guess what you’re seeking. You already have a heart-pounding ride, but you want more. More horsepower. Additional torque. You want that power to be usable via better throttle response and torque management to be as precise as possible.

What the power adds is obvious, but let’s ask a different question. What will the extra torque get you? Simply put, you want it through the midrange so you can accelerate through the corners and a quicker response as you shift your way through the entire rev range.

The Software Shift: How it Adds Power and Torque

You likely did tune-ups and adjustments to get added power and torque back in the day. You probably had to add aftermarket parts to get the right specs for that power and torque.

Those add-ons can be time-consuming, and swapping out the changed parts is laborious and troublesome since you have to do some guesswork to get the correct settings. 

But now, it doesn’t have to happen that way. Our Ferrari California ECU Tune allows you to make precise adjustments by changing settings in your Ferrari’s engine control unit (ECU), which gets you straight to the heart of the matter when it comes to performance.

There is a process to it, so let’s see how our Ferrari California ECU Tune works its magic.

Stage 1: The Power and Torque Benefits

So what happens when you purchase our Ferrari California ECU Tune, and how does it work?

You get a product that can adjust the settings in the ECU module based on the custom reprogramming performed by Eurocharged experts, who know both performance engineering and calibration inside out.

The software product they’ve developed has been tested extensively on the dynamometer to assure the highest possible level of precision. That precision has been verified with endless multiple runs, all carefully logged.

Rest assured, though, all the safety parameters for your Ferrari will stay the same, and they’ll function as designed by Ferrari’s engineers, who have some high-level expertise in their own right.

That makes the product safe to use, but that leads us to the next question—what kind of benefits are we talking about in Stage 1?

They’re impressive. Your horsepower in a stock Ferrari will be 552 HP, but with an ECU Tune from Eurocharged, that number will jump to 650 HP.

That’s almost 20 percent, so here’s the question you need to ask yourself: What could you do with that much more horsepower out on the open road?

The torque numbers are nearly as impressive. With stock Ferrari factory settings, you can expect 556 ft/lbs of torque. With our ECU Tune, that number goes up to 626 ft/lbs.

That’s about 15 percent more, so ask yourself another question: What would you do with that much extra torque when you need to fly around a tight corner?

Stage 2: The Benefits

So those are the primary Stage 1 benefits. But what about Stage 2? What’s possible there?

Stage 2 works a little differently. Specifically, our ECU Tune can modify the intake and exhaust system settings to give you even more power. It can also improve the cold air intake system, too.

To get these benefits, though, you will need to make modifications. These modifications may include chip tuning, after-market intake, air filters, and downpipes, but the benefits you’ll reap have been tested countless times, both on the dyno and on the road.

If you’re a true Ferrari lover, you’ll love the extra adrenaline buzz these numbers and changes will provide when you hit the street with your ride. To get them, go to to learn more, then give us a call at 713-462-1600 to get the answers to any questions you may have.

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