Lamborghini Urus Tuning: 5 Things You Need To Know

Lamborghini Urus Tuning

Lamborghini Urus Tuning


Did you know the Lamborghini Urus was the most successful Lamborghini model in 2020? There’s no question why people love them.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Lamborghini Urus, you might be considering getting it tuned. Before you do, it’s important that you know what that means and what’s going to change about your car.

If you want to get your Lamborghini Urus tuned, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to tell you everything you need to know.

1. What is ECU Tuning?

ECU stands for the engine control unit, and tuning refers to changing the engine control unit to improve performance. While your Lambo is quick, changing the software can make it more powerful.

The ECU collects information from your car’s sensors. These are in several places, including the wheels and engine. It also looks at oxygen and temperature sensors.

The unit will then use this information to control the ignition timing, throttle position, and speed. This is also referred to as remapping.

2. Results of Lamborghini Urus Tuning

Most cars don’t reach their maximum performance because they have a default setting that limits them. This is typical because the manufacturer needs to meet certain regulations. However, we also follow all regulations with emissions output.

Beware that you could void your warranty by tuning your Urus. The main reason drivers invest in tuning is to increase the power and speed of the car. The good thing is since the ECU controls the ignition, it’s possible to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

3. Stage 1

Stage one of  Eurocharged Lamborghini Urus Tuning is simple. It doesn’t require you to have any modification done to your car and is simply done from a computer. You won’t need to add extra equipment or parts to the car.

If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. This customization won’t compromise your car’s safety features.

Engine remapping is part of stage one, and the installed software affects a few different things. The ECU tuning software allows you to adjust what’s known as the Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR). Your vehicle needs both air and fuel.

By changing the ratio, you’ll be able to increase the performance of the car. More fuel typically means more power.

Spark timing, also referred to as ignition timing, needs to be taken into consideration when you’re getting a Lamborghini Urus ECU tune. By changing the timing, you can increase the horsepower.

It’s important to consider air intake. The engine needs enough cool air to run properly and maximize.

The rear exhaust also needs to be opened. This will allow more gas to flow through it, and in turn, more air will go through the turbo into the engine. This will give your car the extra boost yo

4. Stage 2

After stage one is completed, you may want to have your Lamborghini Urus tuned more. However, in contrast to stage one, stage two will require custom modifications.

If you’re looking for more power, you will likely need to upgrade your catalytic converter. There are two options to choose from; the first is a sports-cat pipe which is better quality than the original.

The second option is de-cat which is a straight-through pipe. Both are great options; however, the de-cat may unlock more power.

Once the turbo is completely unresisted and more gasses are going through, it’s important that the air intake is updated. The air needs to be cold when it gets to the engine, and the original air intake might not be able to do the job.

Since your turbo is working harder, a new intercooler might be necessary. The air running through the turbo is being heated up and needs help cooling off.

When you’re driving your car down the highway, you want a smooth ride. After making all the adjustments and increasing the power, you may feel more unwanted vibrations. Don’t worry; there is a way to fix this!

Engine mounts are what they sound like. They hold the transmission and engine together and keep them from moving around.

The original mounts might not be strong enough to hold them in place, making it a less-than-ideal ride for you. If the old ones aren’t replaced, you might lose some power too.

5. Cost

You need to know the price if you’re considering Eurocharged Lamborghini Urus tuning. Each stage varies in price. The cost may also change based on what modifications you want.

You can plan to spend about $2,800 on stage one. Keep in mind you don’t have to get to stage two. You can drive your Lambo for years after upgrading the ECU software.

However, if you decide you want more custom changes, phase two will be close to $3,000 plus any additional modifications, which prices can vary. It’s an investment that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time. You drive comfortably, knowing safety features are still intact in phase two, just like phase one.

A common question people have is about insurance. You’ll need to contact your insurance company as soon as the modifications are done. Some will continue to ensure you, possibly for a higher fee, while others may not.

Lamborghini Urus Tuning

There are many reasons people purchase the Lamborghini Urus. Some may want to reward themselves for their hard work, and many like the aesthetic features. However, power and speed are appealing to most people.

That is why many owners look info Lamborghini Urus tuning. As you can see, there are many factors that contribute to making your vehicle more powerful.

We have a team of experts that are ready to help! If you have any questions, contact us here.

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