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Audi R8 Tune

Eurocharged R8 Tune

Many people don’t know upgrading to the right software can get more power to your car by making precise changes to your engine control unit (ECU). 

The Audi R8 5.2L GT ECU Tune is one of the best products on the market. The light body weight of the vehicle paired with hi-tech electronics means having more control to get high speeds. According to Audi the R8 is a “legendary sports car to own;” its carbon-fiber engine and rear-wheel drive are designed to have a racing-inspired performance.

Let’s tour how ECU tuning works and what it can do for you and your Audi R8 with the Eurocharged R8 tune.

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Audi R8 Tune: The Basics

Tuning is used to reference tune-ups, and the word is still used in that context to some extent.

But tuning has a different meaning when it comes to cars like the Audi R8. Given its technology, the real way to unleash power is to make adjustments in the ECU.

Why? Because many of the most important aspects of a car’s performance are controlled electronically via the ECU, also sometimes referred to as the powertrain control module (PCM). As that alternate term implies, controlling the power train also means controlling some of the most critical performance parameters.

An Audi R8 Tune can increase the car's horsepower

Factory Settings vs. Basic Tuning Benefits

Most vehicles’ factory settings programmed into the ECU are about safety, comfort, and limiting harmful emissions. However, many drivers don’t realize that these settings also steal some of the power that might otherwise be available on the car.

Tuning involves a different approach. It was once associated almost exclusively with racing, and it’s still used in that world. But the world of car modification is constantly changing and evolving, and the key to getting the most out of the technology in both the Audi R8 itself and the Audi R8 tune is to access the ECU via software.

It offers either a V8 or a powerful V10 engine that supplies plenty of horsepower, along with electronics in the chassis that are designed to help with handling, and the software can enhance performance for both engine sizes.

Stage 1 Tunes, do not require modifications at Eurocharged

Stage 1 ECU Software Modifications and Benefits

So what gets modified in the ECU software when you use a product like Eurocharged’s Audi R8 5.2L GT ECU Tune?

Nearly everything in the R8 can be modified, but several different areas are critical when it comes to peak performance. Start with the fuel system since it’s a crucial area. Both the ignition timing and the fuel injection system can be adjusted and fine-tuned to get more power from your engine.

Making adjustments in the air-to-fuel ratio is yet another example of how tuning can be used to maximize performance. The best part of the R8 ecu tune/ Stage 1 modifications is that they can be made remotely using a product like the R8.

What’s the bottom line regarding the extra power you can get from the Eurocharged Audi R8 tune? In a stock model, the usual amount of horsepower is 517, but the tuned version ups that figure by about ten percent to 576 HP.

You’ll also be able to get more torque from the engine. In the stock model, that figure is 391 ft/lbs, but it comes up to 427 ft/lbs after an ECU tune, so once again, you’re looking at an extra ten percent performance upgrade.

Stage 2 Ecu Tunes require modifications to the engine

Stage 2 ECU Modifications

The combination of the intake system and the exhaust system is another important example of an area where you can get significant power gains. Improve the cold-air intake system and upgrade the cat-back exhaust; the numbers say you’ll get more horsepower.

It’s important to note that you should call Eurocharged to get the details and the advanced improvement numbers, and there’s some chip tuning involved that Eurocharged can handle, too.

The suspension and tires can enhance the benefits provided by a fine-tuned ECU, but you really need a product like the Audi R8 ECU Tune that Eurocharged offers for both the V8 and V10 R8. Our world-class engineers and calibrators design it, and the adjustments that are made are always tested extensively, both on the dynamometer and out on the road.

We can get you the power you’re after starting with Stage 1 modifications, then recommend any physical changes that need to be added to achieve Stage 2 modifications.

To find out more, go to, or call us at 713-462-1600 to get the answers to any questions you may have.

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