Jaguar XF R-S Tuning: ECU Tuning and the Results It Offers

Jaguar XF R-S Tuning

In 2019, Jaguar only sold around 15,000 XF’s worldwide. While these numbers are low, they’re not indicative of the car’s value. As Jaguar’s only sedan, the XF R-S remains a popular choice for most seeking a top-notch luxury car.

If you’ve recently gotten your hands on a Jaguar XF R-S and would like to improve its performance, you’ve come to the right place. While it might not need tuning, you’ll never regret bettering your Jaguar. Before you do, it’s essential to know what a Jaguar XF R-S tuning involves and its benefits.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Jaguar XF R-S tuning and the results it offers.

Jaguar XF R-S Tuning: The Basics

Most people know what “tuning” means. If you aren’t aware, the term usually refers to tune-ups and engine upgrades. Tuning was often solely associated with racing, but that’s no longer the case.

For most new cars, like the Jaguar XF R-S, “tuning” means something a little different.

“Tuning” often refers to software modifications and adjustments to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This little unit, also known as the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), electronically controls the engine or powertrain to ensure optimal performance. 

ECU tuning allows you to make certain adjustments to make your car more powerful, along with many other benefits. Because these adjustments are often software-based, engine tuning is also referred to as “remapping.” 

The Benefits of Tuning Your Jag

Your Jaguar XF might be fast and powerful, but its default settings don’t allow the car to unleash its full power. These factory settings are all about safety, comfort, and emission regulations.  

But, when you tune your ECU, you can adjust how the unit controls your engine. As mentioned, these adjustments ultimately result in better performance. Even better, you can increase the speed of your Jaguar XF R-S, and in some cases, you can also improve the car’s fuel efficiency.

While all these benefits are fantastic, know that tuning your Jaguar XF R-S may void its warranty. 

It’s also important to note that here at Eurocharged, our ECU tunings are well within regulation about emissions output.  

We offer two ECU tuning products, Stage 1 and Stage 2. Both unleash the Jaguar’s power and offer an entirely new driving experience. There are a few differences, however. Let’s find out what they are and which product is best for you.   

Stage 1 ECU Tune:

Stage 1 of a Jaguar XF V8 ECU Tune is perfect for any run-of-the-mill driver wanting more power and speed. You won’t need any Jaguar XF supercharged mods for this ECU upgrade or other additional parts. Stage 1 can also be done remotely via a computer. Making it widely accessible and easy to install.

This ECU tuning software allows you to remap several aspects of your ECU, including the Air-Fuel ratio. Adjusting this ratio increases the power output of your Jaguar. More fuel means more power.  

Stage 1 also allows you to adjust your ignition timing. Adjusting this timing usually increases a car’s horsepower.

With Stage 1, your Jaguar XF’s horsepower will be 552. This is a major jump from the stock 503HP. Torque is also amped up, increasing from 461 ft/lbs. to 516 ft/lbs.

Another great thing about Stage 1 is peace of mind. All these upgrades don’t affect your car’s safety parameters, leaving them as per the manufacturer’s specs. No matter how fast you go after your ECU tune, you’ll still be safe in your Jaguar.

Stage 2 ECU Tune:

While Stage 1 of the Jaguar XF V8 ECU Tune package is fantastic, it might not be enough. Stage 2 is stronger in every aspect, increasing the horsepower and torque even more. While more is better in this case, before installing Stage 2, you may need to add some Jaguar XF supercharged mods to your car. 

For Stage 2, your Jaguar XFR will need a supercharger upgrade. 

The way a supercharger works is simple but complicated. In simple terms, it increases the air and fuel pressure in the engine. The increased pressure ultimately increases the RPM. As a result, your car will go faster and have much more power.

A supercharger upgrade will increase your Jaguar’s Eaton supercharger from 6,000 RPM to over 17,000 RPM. 

With all the added pressure and speed, though, come with more heat. So, when you upgrade the supercharger, you’ll also need a Jaguar XF intercooler upgrade.

You can also upgrade the air filters, intake, and even your exhaust system for further performance boosts.

Because Stage 2 requires a few Jaguar XF performance parts and several modifications, the ECU tuning results can vary.  But your tuning will be custom and unique to you, which is a great bonus.

The Cost

The next big question is price. Any worthwhile upgrade to your car is going to cost you some cash. At the end of the day, though, it’s well worth it. The two stages of a Jaguar XF V8 ECU tune have different prices, which may affect how much tuning you do. 

Remember that any modifications you make to your Jaguar will drastically affect the price.

Stage 1, with its simple yet highly impactful upgrade, costs about $1,500. For those on a budget, Stage 1 is a great choice. With its benefits and improvements, your Jaguar will drive like a dream. Often, any further upgrades won’t even be necessary.

Those seeking custom changes and advanced power will need to spend just a little more. Stage 2 starts at $2,000.

Upgrade Your Jaguar XF R-S

Owning a Jaguar is a dream for many. Whether it’s the luxury or the need for speed, many want these cars to fulfill those desires. If it’s genuinely the speed and power you want, why not take it one step further? 

There are several benefits and reasons for looking into Jaguar XF R-S tuning. So, contact us today to get started on your Jaguar XF R-S tuning journey.

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