Eurocharged Tuned CLS63 breaks the record for fastest CLS63 (M157) with a 9.95 @ 142

fastest cls63 draggy

The Fastest CLS63 is now set at 9.95@142 !!!!!!

It takes a team to break records, and that is exactly what happened.  The below draggy is from our friends at @dj_imperialeauto

This is the 1st ever 9 sec m157 power car, and the worlds fastest CLS63 / E63 in the world as per dragy app.

It did a 9.95@142 on R888R tires spinning 1st gear and shifted to 2nd early.

909whp 943wtq on race fuel

Built by @dj_imperialeauto @imperialeauto

Fueled by @spoolperformance  FX150 high pressure pump kit race fuel

The programming magic from @eurochargedperformance

Running @blackboostusa_official 950+  turbos and intakes

R888R Tires by @d3motorsports

Owner: @edgar.santos_1775_

fastest cls63 draggy

fastest cls63 draggy


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