Fastest C43 record set by Eurocharged Canada!

Fastest C43

Fastest C43 Record

A very big congrats for our good customer Jeffery for being the first to get his stock turbos C43 into the 10s!
No nitrous, no weight reduction and no sorcery of any kind.

Fastest C43 Record Mods:

Meth injection
Spoolperformance di pump
E40 and a solid @eurochargedcanada ecu and tcu tune!
DWS Continental All Season 19″ Tires
Another world record for the Eurocharged Canada Crew!
We can’t wait to see what he is able to do with some weight reduction and some slicks.   10.8 anyone?
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Benefits of Tuning your C43 with Eurocharged:

  • Software designed by world-class calibrators and engineers.
  • Dyno and Road Tested on multiple test cars before released to the public.
  • Best in class customer service (just ask our customers!)
  • 50,000+ ECU’s Tuned to date! That is the experience you can rely on.
  • World-wide Tuning Experience. We are familiar with all fuel types, elevations, climates, and details that pertain to your region.

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