Eurocharged McLaren 570s Tune for ITSJUSTA6 – He walks his friends 570s

Mclaren 570s Tuning

Mclaren 570s Tuning Continued

We recently has the pleasure of working with itsjusta6 on his newly acquired Mclaren 570s.   He just wanted a little bit of power boost to hang with his friends at EAS and their 570s that has a turbo upgrade as well as a software tune from a competitor.   It was a great day, and well in typical Eurocharged fashion we have a new partner shop after they are switching from our competition.   Check out the video below, it gets pretty cool with head to head runs toward the end!
Friend:  Competition Mclaren 570s turbo upgrade, Competition Tuning
Him:  Stock car with Eurocharged Mclaren 570s tune

Results….well they speak for themselves   Eurocharged ftw

full youtube link here

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