Tuner Corner: TCU Tuning & Benefits

Tuner Corner: TCU Tuning & Benefits




TCU tuning is a type of automotive tuning that focuses on optimizing the TCU, or transmission control unit. TCU tuning can be used to improve the overall performance of any vehicle. It is highly recommended for those with high-powered engines and offers faster shift times, better acceleration, and enhanced driving dynamics.

With TCU tuning, drivers have access to a variety of customization options such as controlling shift pressures, shift patterns, speed limits, and torque limits. TCU tuning can require extensive diagnostics and re-programming depending on the extent of the upgrades desired by drivers. Ultimately, TCU tuning provides drivers with just the right balance between performance and reliability – allowing them to get higher performance with improved drivability.



TCU tuning can make all the difference when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your vehicle, some of the many benefits include:

  • Faster Shift Speed
  • Increased Line Pressure
  • Increased Hold Pressure
  • Increased Clutch Clamping
  • Increase in TCU Torque Limits


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