Powerful Eurocharged E63S makes 977whp using Spool Performance Pumps

Eurocharged E63s

Eurocharged E63s makes some stupid hp!

Just when y’all thought we were done ?! Stopping for today at 977whp! @pureturbos 1000 with new Spool performance release FX180 pumps and stage 3 low pressure pumps on full E85 with no aux fueling or meth! @eurochargedperformance delivers once again on those tunes !!!
Just straight raw DI power!!??!!

Blackboost intakes making sure we aren’t hitting any air restrictions!!!

We’re gonna be shooting for 4 digit wheel!!! Follow the build to the highest wheel horsepower m177 e63s

Hit us up and ask for spool FX180 kits for Mercedes and eurocharged e63s tuning!!!

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