Banging Gears – Eurocharged Custom Built Audi R8

Banging Gears - Eurocharged Custom Built Audi R8


Amazon Prime Video’s new series, “Banging Gears”, puts both JDM and Supercars we both know and love to the test in a variety of epic battles to see which one dominates – JDM cars or Supercars.

We are proud to announce that one of our very own locations will be a participant in this upcoming tv show! Eurocharged Minneapolis has been hard at work with the help of Eurocharged Houston to build a custom, twin turbo Audi R8.

Audi has always presented a unique combination of performance and luxury, and that excellence continues with the Audi R8. Our very own Eurocharged Houston has outdone themselves with their custom-built twin turbo kit for this iconic vehicle. Providing maximum power and efficiency while remaining reliable in all conditions, allowing the driver to take full advantage of the Audi R8’s capability.

Now with over 1,000HP, this AWD monster will go head-to-head with JDM competitors from around the world in a variety of driving courses to see how it ranks up against some of the fastest JDM cars. Stay tuned for more information regarding the show’s release.

If you are also looking to take your Audi R8 to the next level, contact Eurocharged Houston today for a quote:

Phone: (346)-732-6746


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