When upgrading from previous versions to version 7 (V7) please email  the invoice you receive along with your stock file (MyGFile.fpf), modifications to the car, and choices from the menu below.

V7 Options:

- Do you plan on running ethanol? (must purchase controller) Let us know.
To purchase an ethanol controller, please contact sales@eurochargedatx.com or 512-777-2799. No tune is required to install ethanol controller, but adding the V7 will increase power.

- Do you want to change the rev limiter? Choose anywhere from stock to 7500 RPM's.
It revs the car out further where you can gain more power above redline. It will not affect how/when the car shifts.

- Do you want to delete cold start?
Cold start RPM is the high RPM the car has when the engine is cold. Some people do not like the loud startup in the morning.  This is modified already in V7.

- Everyone will automatically have leaner AFR's for more power.


Turnaround time is processed in the order that your email was received. Please allow 24-48 business hours to get your retune.

M156 Engine Version 7 Upgrade

Product Code: V7-upgrade
Availability: In Stock


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