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Eurocharged Performance is quickly expanding. Take a look at what else we have to offer!

Below are the details for Tuning and prices associated.

Premiere Eurocharged Dealer 

You would be listed on our website, on the forums we sponsor (currently 12 forums), and would be recommended to our customers as the local “go to” shop.  Premiere Dealers receive a 30% discount on ECU software and the “Jobber” discount on hardware listed in our reseller pdf.  You would receive a Eurocharged OBDII touch screen ECU programmer (works with hundreds of cars), and software to keep the unit connected to our servers.  OBDII flashes will be provided same day (95% are within 1 hour), while the customer waits.  The cost of the kit is $7250 and includes three free tunes to help you get going.


Our franchise fee is $75,000 and that includes all of the tuning equipment, Eurocharged name, support, banners, business cards, website, email, forum help, facebook help, etc.  All ECU tunes are 50% off retail pricing and you will receive a deeper discount on our parts listed in the reseller pdf.   All franchises are independently owned and operated.

Eurocharged Dealer 

There is no equipment to buy.  You would receive 15% off software and 10% off hardware.  ECU’s would have to be mailed to our Houston location for processing.  We process most ECU’s same day and would send the ECU back via overnight delivery at the customers expense.

If you think you have what it takes to be a top-level Eurocharged dealer candidate, please

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Afterward, we will contact you to discuss the opportunities available!

Dealer Application

Custom Huracan Turbo Tuning

Custom Huracan Turbo Tuning

25 October 2013

Custom TT Lamborghini Huracan setup by CFI Designs that we tuned in house! Stock ECU! #lamborghini #huracan #twinturbo #eurocharged

Ferrari 458 ECU Tuning and Dyno Graph (remap)

Ferrari 458 ECU Tuning and Dyno Graph (remap)

25 October 2013

Another happy customer that was #tunedbyjerry. 52whp at 7400rpm!! Crackles, pops, bangs, popcorn done in the file too. #eurocharged #ferrari...

Eurocharged Aventador Dyno Tuning

Eurocharged Aventador Dyno Tuning

13 August 2018

Well this is a pretty cool project! Here we have a Lamborghini Aventador getting some dyno tuning love in Houston....


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Lamborghini Huracan Performance Engine Software - LP 610-4 - All - Stock 610 HP



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