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Blog: Eurocharged E63 tuning review- E63 Tuning

e63 tuning review

Here is a quote from a customer that just recently got his first EC tune! Eurocharged provides the best E63 ecu tuning on the market, and our new mercedes handheld tuner makes the job that much easier!

Our E63 performance tuning is guarenteed to make the car feel alive! Eurocharged and AMG, a perfect match!


did some go fast mods on my E63 today (video)

so today i got the ECU flashed on my bone stock (besides resonator delete) E63 AMG by eurocharged performance. i came not expecting crazy HP gains, but just a more lively car, because that was the experience i got with the ECU flash on my old w203 C55. the base run was 406RWHP/360TQ. after a few flashes we got it to 417RWHP/372TQ. with the top speed limiter also gone. the car felt much more lively on the throttle and more sharp after the flash on the way back to the performance shop after the dyno. when i got back to the performance shop, i was convinced to delete the charcoal filters, and boy did that make a difference! the car feels alot faster than it did before doing anything and i'm happy with the results. probably gained a good 30hp at the crank today, but responsiveness is what counts. looking to do the TTM scoops next for performance (still looking for a nice front lip!)

thanks eurocharged, again!






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