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C32 / SRT6 Supercharger Performance Pulley

32 Srt6 SC Pulley

Supercharger Pulley for the C32/SRT6

After numerous requests, we are right around the corner from the release of our supercharger pulley for the Mercedes C32 AMG and Chrysler SRT6 Crossfire.

32 Srt6 SC Pulley

Prototype pictured

After studying the pros and cons of previous pulley designs, we were able to develop a quality, high performance pulley at a reasonable price point.

After many design considerations, the Eurocharged Supercharger Pulley will be sized at 65mm. We feel this will provide a sturdy, reliable design that will serve the customer for years to come.

This will be a great fit for the majority of our customers, with those wanting more power still having the option to upgrade to the 185mm crank pulley.

Pulley installation is fast and easy and should only take the average person approximately 10-15 minutes!

We have been fielding requests for the last few months and after many miles and a ton of R&D, we should be taking orders within a month. The intro price for the pulley will only be $549

For those waiting, jump on them fast, as we are certain the first batch will sell out within days of its release! We will also be offering a tuning bundle to help you save money on your purchase!

Here are the results on the final production unit:

Stock: 282WHP

SC Pulley: 307WHP

SC Pulley and EC Tune: 328WHP


32 Srt6 SC Pulley

Larger Graph

32 Srt6 SC Pulley

Larger Graph


Here is the list from those on the site as well as the forums. If we missed you please let us know. We have based it on first come-first served based on the comments section posted to this blog below.

1 Bob Attwood (prepaid)
2 Blake Peters (Prepaid)
3 Carvel (prepaid)
4 James Randazzo
5 Robert (UK)
6 Gary Kozee (prepaid)
7 Paul Carter
8 Theo Caurice
9 Bryan (prepaid)
10 Philip Fubu (prepaid)
11 Ryan Linstadt
12 Steven Mansperger (prepaid)
13 Phil Pedery
14 Len - gr8len (prepaid)
15 Will White
16 John Buccheri (prepaid)
17 Wolfgang
18 w203ramos
19 anthony
20 Ken
21 MA3 Christopher Tompkins
22 cjw
23 jason_HBC
24 pweisenburger
25 branimal
26 mnelson (prepaid)
27 blackpepper
28 jsaredqwings (prepaid)
29 christian cars24x7 (prepaid)
30 michael Simeone (prepaid)
31 Ayhem
32 daniel henderson
33 dave pelke (prepaid)
34 michael scalia
35 Scott Barnesstrong>
36 Evan Barrett (prepaid)
37 Brad Konno (prepaid)
38 CHI
39 Jon Y (prepaid)
40 Brandon Cook (prepaid)
41 Dennis Funk(prepaid)
42 Stephen Hughes(prepaid)



#84 jimmy banks 2012-01-23 00:38
i want a 63mm how do i order??
#83 GARY KOZEE 2011-11-01 09:17
Got mine in the mail yesterday. I have not installed it as of yet as my xfire is in the shop for a dent removal. Should have it installed tomorrow. Then I will need EuroCharged to get with me for the tune on the dyno.
#82 Fubu 2011-10-28 06:48
:lol: tracking# have been sent and the Pulley is on its way over the pond! Thanks again for all the support and good quality products!
#81 Tuning 2011-10-26 20:55
Quoting jon:
Please add me to list for new pull and tune

you can order from here Jon!

#80 jon 2011-10-26 20:39
Please add me to list for new pull and tune
#79 Tuning 2011-10-25 20:22
sending out tracking numbers now!
#78 Tuning 2011-10-25 14:57
First set shipping out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second set will go out friday!!!!!!!!! !!
#77 Bob Attwood 2011-10-19 11:37
[quote We are still on track for the shipment date!!!

Great to hear! I'm curious if Titanium was used anywhere in the pulley as was talked about earlier. Did this happen? Maybe for the rivets?
#76 murad rasul 2011-10-16 19:05
Hi. Please put me down for the Pulley. I am in the UK ready to pay.
#75 Tuning 2011-10-16 12:01
Quoting James:
Can you offer a better price on the international postage cost? It's a third the price of the pulley! Perhaps a 'slower' less expensive shipping rate. Thanks.

sure, just call the shop and we can do usps.

We are still on track for the shipment date!!! The back plates are getting plated right now and then final assembly!!!

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