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Eurocharged vs the competition - C63 tuning

C63 Tuning

Eurocharged vs the competition

Every so often we get a customer review that backs up what we are constantly saying, we have one of the best products on the market! It isn't about just making the most horsepower on the car, its about maintaining drivability!


Just Got Eurocharged...

Just switched my tune from Velos to Eurocharged...hopefully no ones feelings will be hurt by this post but at the end of the day a review is a review, and that's all it's intended to be.

I must say that I am very pleased with the results and the differences in shifting and throttle response. Everything is very crisp now and much more responsive than it used to be.

At the end of the day, and for my tastes, Eurocharged is the better tune in my opinion.

Outside of the driveability, and in a similar fashion to Velos, Jerry and Adam were great to work with, very responsive and very friendly.

I guess it just comes down to who likes what from a pedal and shifting perspective.

Will post dyno and 1/4 mile numbers the next time I am able to do each.

BTW, average MPG's on the EC tune driving down from Chicago yesterday were 22.3 @ 65 MPH with cruise control on in 7th gear.





Lastly, if you must know, I decided to "blow" the money because I wasn't happy with how the last tune changed my cars driveability, even after several mapping changes. I didn't like the way the car shifted, didn't like how the clutch engaged between shifts and didn't like the throttle feel as much as I do with the tune from EC.







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All of our tunes are engineered from many hours of datalogging the car on the dyno as well as on the street.   We customize every tune for the cars current mods, as well as the local elevation and fuel type!  We also offer a money back guarantee on all products as well as FREE retunes if you ever change mods for the lifetime you own the car!